Academic and learning support for parents and children. 

Bespoke Training

Consultancy for schools & educators

Support for parents

Compassionate support for parents

Support for children

1 to 1 academic support & interventions

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Training for schools

Our comprehensive support for the educational needs of children includes: Supporting and advocating for parents; providing individual academic support for students; training teachers; learning support assistants (LSAs) and consulting with schools on best practices.


Enaya Education

Providing comprehensive educational support for children

Supporting Children & Parents

We are a source for comprehensive support on the journey of a child who struggled and had challenges at school.

Bespoke Training for schools

We support set up and/or improvement of schools’ Inclusion Departments. We provide the necessary guidance so that schools meet all regulatory requirements for successful inspections.

CPD for LSAs & teachers

We provide training to teachers and Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) on the best strategies for supporting students who struggled and had challenges at school.

1 to 1 academic support

We provide individualised academic support for children who struggled and had challenges at school and those who may have gaps in their learning.

Early Years Consultancy

We also provide specialised training, including in Early Years education.


Faranak Berenjan

My name is Faranak Berenjan and I am from the UK.

I am based in the UAE, where I am available for in-person consultation and I also work successfully with clients remotely worldwide. I am the Founder of ENAYA, a personalised educational consulting firm. My vision for ENAYA grew out of the struggles I faced as a parent of a child who had challenges at school.

Now I am an educator with considerable experience working in diverse settings with a wide range of students, teachers, and administrators.

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