Academic and learning support for parents and children. 

Enaya education

What Enaya Provides

Enaya provides comprehensive resources and referrals for parents of children and for educators and institutions devoted to their well-being.It is a platform for parents who are on their journey and who need compassionate support as well as actionable information.

It also connects parents together and enables them to share their thoughts and ideas with each other. It is for classroom teachers who feel like they have hit a wall and are looking for new techniques, strategies, or simply inspiration. It’s for educators and institutions seeking to set up or improve their Inclusion Departments.

Enaya education

For Parents

We are a source for comprehensive support on the journey of a child who struggled and had challenges at school.
With the connections ENAYA provides, parents feel more empowered to support their children’s learning needs.

We provide individualised academic support for children who struggled and had challenges at school and those who may have gaps in their learning. Mediation: We are mediators between parents and their school system when needed.

We work on behalf of parents to ensure that appropriate support is being offered by schools to students.

Enaya education

For Educational Institutions:

We support set up and/or improvement of schools’ Inclusion Departments. We provide the necessary guidance so that schools meet all regulatory requirements for successful inspections. We provide training to teachers and Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) on the best strategies for supporting students who struggled and had challenges at school.

We also provide specialised training, including in Early Years education. ENAYA is about connection—between parents and teachers and other professionals engaged in supporting children’s educational needs. It is about connection to resources, to training, and to ideas that allow everyone supporting a child on his or her learning journey to become the most effective they can be. We can all learn from each other as education is evolving daily and learning for educators never stops.

If you or your organisation would benefit from our support or services please contact us to discuss your needs or questions. Consultants with various specialisations within ENAYA are ready to help. We invite you to send us any and all suggestions as we would be more than happy to add new concepts that will benefit children’s learning. Because in the end, we are all here for the same purpose, to do our very best to help each child reach their highest potential. To accomplish that goal, just as the different instruments of an orchestra must play together to create the harmonious sound of a symphony, the various elements that comprise a child’s education should function collaboratively for the best outcome. Together, we can make a difference.